Happy New Year! 2017!

Greetings! Welcome to the new and improved HendersonvilleNCJobs.com

I hope this will be a great experience for the both of us. In my life, I have held many positions (and I still do). I started by pursuing a Marketing degree in college and when it came time to interview my senior year, I longed to be on the other side of the table conducting the interviews. So I went into human resources. I spent my first years in in-house recruiting and later in headhunting. I also spent time in various professions, throughout my life, in both blue collar and white collar jobs.

Unlike many HR folks, I have experienced what you are experiencing; the rejection, the waiting, the interviews, the job hopping, and so on. I have been told “you don’t have the experience we’re looking for”, but never been told how to acquire that experience. I hope to change that for you. We plan to have a series of blog posts that will show you first-hand, the path that others have taken to get to where they are. You may learn about professions you didn’t know existed or find out where that pitfall was that got you off track. You’ll see where someone was given a chance by luck or perseverance and what creative methods or outlets they used to acquire the next opportunity.

In late 2000, I graduated from college. In early 2000, I found a glitch in the university’s job placement coding which kept thousands of graduates from acquiring interviews, over multiple years, before exiting into “the real world”. We want to make sure there are no “glitches” in our system. If you have questions or notice something that isn’t working, let us know.

Our job is to help you find work. We are 100% integrity driven and we don’t just say that, we live it. In 2006, I worked as a headhunter (3rd party executive recruiter). I quit the job within a year because my employer wanted me to steal from my clients and the pressure to do so was ingrained in the company. Not once did I compromise my morals. We will do our best to weed out companies of questionable ethics and ban them from using our site. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious, as a job seeker. Do your due diligence (research) first, as you should before any job interview, to know what to expect, to know about the company and its reputation, whether your intent is to get a leg up on other applicants or to decide if the company is a good fit for you.

As I’ve mentioned, my experience runs the gamut of both blue and white collar jobs. I have recruited for both and I have worked outside of HR in both. I have found there are many employment opportunities out there that do not require a college degree and still pay considerably well. Don’t get discouraged. We’ll try to share many of these opportunities with you in future blog posts. We’ll also share opportunities that require higher learning and inform you of local resources that you can use to obtain that training and/or experience.

Bookmark our website and follow us on facebook. Every time an employer posts an opportunity on our job board, it will automatically be posted to our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. As we grow, we hope to get more involved in the community, from hosting job fairs to supporting local charities and non-profits that empower students, job seekers, and entrepreneurs. Please help us grow, by sharing our site with family, friends, coworkers, colleagues, and your past and present employers and managers.


  1. Overall, extremely helpful website! I would, however, love to see the ability to sort search results from most recent to oldest by the posting date! Any hopes of this improvement in the future?

    – Thanks

    • As of right now, we don’t have that ability with the backfill postings that come from indeed, careerbuilder, and so on. However, as more employers post jobs directly to our board, those will be chronological and searchable as such. When one of our employers posts, their listing goes to the top of the board. When multiple companies post and one employers pays for a premium post, you’ll see that first in the order, then the other active employer posts on our site and then the backfill. I have no intention of removing the backfill as it is a great resource. I’m not big on limiting information if it can potentially benefit a job seeker. I hope this answers your question without too much redundancy. I will bring up your inquiry to see what can be done in the future. Thank you for the compliment.

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